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There are many habits and factors that could result in yellow or dark looking teeth, such as drinking dark beverages, chewing or smoking tobacco, and not adhering to a healthy oral hygiene regimen. Our experienced dental team provides the Opalescence tooth whitening program at our Pompano Beach, FL office to help eliminate stains on your teeth and attain a whiter smile. Opalescence is exceptional because not only does it whiten, the formula combines fluoride and potassium nitrate (PF) to fortify your enamel. To meet your particular requirements and goals, our team can help you determine during your appointment at SEDA Dental of Pompano Beach which Opalescence treatment choice is most ideal for you. With treatment options that include in-office or at-home sessions, you have room for flexibility.

Best Candidates

An Opalescence treatment may be helpful when you've got considerable teeth discoloration by brightening your teeth while at the same time, creating overall healthy teeth. With multiple choices for treatment, our team can help you pick the Opalescence method that best satisfies your goals and needs. You might prefer the rapid results of a procedure in our office, the ease of an at-home treatment, or even a mix of both to get long-term outcomes.

What to Expect

You have many different choices to meet your unique needs. During a consultation, our dental team will evaluate your teeth and understand your aesthetic goals before suggesting an Opalescence system. As soon as you've settled on a whitening treatment, we will schedule your appointment or help explain how to use your kit at home. At SEDA Dental of Pompano Beach, we provide options:

  • Opalescence PF is an at-home whitening kit that comes with custom-made trays. The trays may be used for as few as half an hour or while you sleep for as long as eight hours.
  • Opalescence Go is another a treatment to be used at home that uses pre-filled dental trays, which should be worn up to 90 minutes every day for one or two weeks.
  • Opalescence Boost is an in-office procedure, employing a 40% hydrogen peroxide solution for bleaching that works to eliminate discoloration in less than one hour.


To maintain the results of your Opalescence treatment, you need to adhere to an ideal oral hygiene regimen with appropriate flossing and brushing. Speak to a member of our team about aftercare products by Opalescence, such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. You also need to continue to attend twice-yearly cleanings at SEDA Dental of Pompano Beach where our staff utilizes specific tools to polish your teeth and eliminate stains. Your results may be visible for several years with great oral hygiene and by avoiding staining foods and beverages, such as tea, coffee, and tobacco. If you discover that your teeth are starting to dull, then speak to our team about a second Opalescence procedure to revive your smile.

Insurance Coverage

Since it's an elective procedure, Opalescence teeth whitening is generally not paid by the majority of dental insurance providers. SEDA Dental of Pompano Beach takes several payment methods, and our office can help you to find low-interest medical financing so that your procedure is affordable. Speak with a member of our team to learn more at your appointment.

Opalescence teeth Whitening

Discoloration on your teeth may reduce the beauty of your smile and might also cause you to look older. Opalescence is a great choice if you would like to produce a more vibrant smile with in-office or at-home treatments at SEDA Dental of Pompano Beach. Opalescence provides a variety of treatment methods to meet your needs and aesthetic smile goals. If you'd like a whiter smile, get in touch with our Pompano Beach, FL office to reserve an appointment.

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